Louis Van Lint 10/11/17 - 26/11/17

An evolution

Art addresses freedom of expression, however it is often confined between strong limits. May we herefore refer to poets who, out of their own will, are submitted to the rules of written language, or to so numerous artists who, out of a lack of means or even true poverty, were restricted in their art but still excelled by their resourcefulness.

From 1952 on, Louis Van Lint will be fenced in by the boundaries of geometrical abstraction. He delivers a large range of uncommonly well balanced compositions, adjacent plain surfaces which flow into a rich architecture in which nature is never absent. Three decades later Van Lint shines at the top of a floating and inebriating abstraction in which nature has gained in strength. The evolution of this shifting into reality is what we would like to show in this exhibition.

Marten Melsen

07/10 - 15/10

More info will follow soon

Approachable Art

09/12 - 20/01

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