Jan Cox and his friends at the Van Dyckkaai 13/09/19 - 05/10/19

To attract more thorough attention on the artists of jeune peinture belge
Campo&Campo has organized exhibitions of Louis Van Lint (2017)
and Gaston Bertrand (2018).
The main objective of these exhibitions is showing masterpieces from the
respective artist’s oeuvre, but some of the works are also for sale. As a cofounder
of the jeune peinture belge Jan Cox is an artist we would like to add to this list.
Adriaan Raemdonck supports this initiative and also makes his archive
available for the exhibition. We kindly invite owners of works by Jan Cox
to inform us of their works.
During the war Jan Cox was in close contact with Marc Mendelson and
Joseph Ongenae, who held their studio at the same address. The link
between these three artists was never really highlighted, hence our decision
to look at Jan Cox from this new angle.

We are especially looking for a work by Jan Cox titled The Friends
(1944) for this exhibition (see picture below).

O'Final Academie Berchem

06/06 - 19/06

More info will follow soon