ANTWERP with love 15/10/18 - 30/10/18

Hélène Jacubowitz

The elegant, tall sculptures by Hélène Jacubowitz can be situated between abstraction and figuration. A reference to the human figure is present in nearly all of her sculptures.

Hélène Jacubowitz was born in a family of artists. Her father was a jewelry designer, as was her brother, who also produced ceramics. Her niece also was a ceramist. Feeling at home in the jewelry design workshops, she quickly felt fascinated by visual arts and goldsmithing. After having studied at the Antwerp Art Academy with sculptor Ruperto Urzua, she went to Paris for her first exhibition at the Paris Academy, where she won two prizes. Successive exhibitions and international prizes followed. The co-founder of the Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp (M hka), collector and art critic professor Marcel Van Jole, who discovered and promoted Jacubowitz, dedicated two monographs to her work.

Cocktail on Sunday 14 October at 2 pm. Opening speech by Ernest Van Buynder, honorary chairman of the M hka.