Gaston Bertrand (1910-1994) 27/04/18 - 18/05/18

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Abstract and figurative, those are two aspects of the works of Gaston Bertrand. Augmenting rather than opposing each other, these two aspects bear witness to the pictorial mastery of the artist, whose anchor point for every composition is the observation of reality. And indeed, architectures, landscapes and figures, on which the gaze of the artist has rested, are treated in the same way : Bertrand maintains the force lines of his subject, those that, according to his gaze, constitute the actual base to picture the composition, stripping in that way the subject of its embellishments, polluting the pictorial rigour, which was very dear to Bertrand, while at the same time maintaining a detail, that the artist judged important and that only he was capable of sublimating.

Exhibition from 27th of April to 18th of May (10-18h). Closed on Sundays, except on Sunday 6th of May (open). Closed on holidays 1st and 10th of May.

Offices closed on holidays: 29th of April – 1st of May; 10th-13th of May. Closed 19th-21st of May.

Interior of an antiques collector

25/01 - 10/02

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