19th century Flemish, romantic and academic masterpieces from the Werner Wieland art collection 14/09/18 - 30/09/18

Between Friday September 14 and Sunday September 30, 2018 the Werner Wieland Collection will be holding an exhibition at Campo & Campo, Groote Steenweg 19-21, Antwerp Berchem, Belgium, featuring 83 nineteenth century masterpieces by 32 different romantic, academic or neo-gothic Flemish painters with an association to Antwerp and its world renowned Academy of Fine Arts. It is the first time in many decades that such complete overview of this magnificent Antwerp 19th century School will be on public display in a dedicated European art show.
Opening hours will be every day, including Saturday and Sunday, between 10 am and 6 pm. Entry fee is € 10 in cash, credit cards or digital payment are not available. Advance reservations are not needed, tickets will be available on the day at the gallery’s reception counter. For large groups, reservations are however possible and advisable, consult with the exhibition’s website www.wernerwieland.eu For guided tours in the evening, also see www.wernerwieland.eu
A catalogue will be available for purchase during the exhibition, in English and in Dutch (Flemish).
The Werner Wieland Collection is one of the most significant private holders of 19th century art from the combined Netherlands and in particular the world’s largest specialist of Flemish romantic and academic 19th century art. It is named after its founder, the Flemish author Werner Wieland.
Note: Paying Exhibition for viewing only, not a sales exhibition