Campo & Campo 2020

What a wonderful year!

We close 2019 looking back with satisfaction on a special and eventful year, filled to the top with exhibitions and auctions.
We would like to thank you for this, because it was made possible thanks to your input and enthusiasm.

In addition to the usual auctions, we look back on a year full of exhibitions, including the 14th edition of the Triennial of Sculpture, the Jan Cox exhibition and the Homage Marcel van Jole.

For 2020 we have a lot in store, as well.

We open the year with the exceptional Panamarenko Tribute 24 January – 22 March 2020
From celebration – to tribute exhibition, it was a turn of events we didn’t expect. Sad for the loss but all the more enthusiastic to make it a wonderful tribute.
It will be a museum exhibition full of masterpieces. In addition, a part of the exhibition will be dedicated to works that are for sale. If you are interested in selling pieces by Panamarenko, do not hesitate to contact us.

Some works now in expo/gallery




Georges Collignon
Fragilité de l’équilibre
Oil/ canvas
Sig. 1956
100 x 72 cm





Paul Delvaux
Le tramway de notre enface
Oil/ Masonite
Get. Sig. + 9-‘55, 1955
49,5 x 122 cm





Nat Neujean
Tintin et Milou
Bronze lost-wax casting
Sig. 1975 Ex. H.C. 0/III H= 72 cm






Our auctions fall in April and May this year, but ofcourse you are already welcome to drop by.

4 / 4 / 2020                Flash auction
28-29 / 4 / 2020     Auction Modern and contemporary art
9 / 5/ 2020                 Graphic art auction
26 / 5 / 2020             Auction of classical art and antiques

You can always email us for an estimation request.



Floris Jespers











Paul Delvaux








Andreas Schelfhout








Pol Mara








Jean Brusselmans