Brahms Chamber Music Festival

Saturday 18 December & Sunday 19 December

Together with Antwerp and international musicians, the Taurus Quartet presents an anthology from the powerful chamber music oeuvre of Johannes Brahms. In order to do justice to Brahms’ impressive oeuvre, the Taurus Quartet has invited Antwerp, Belgian and international guests.

The Antwerp chamber choir “Camerata Waelrant” Led by Marleen De Boo will perform intimate choral works.

The Antwerp pianist Nikolaas Kende and violinist Jolente De Maeyer, who form a duo together, are joined by the Dutch cellist Johan Van Iersel (soloist of the Concertgebouw orchestra) and the Finnish altoist Lilli Maijala.

The audience will be taken along from special string quartets to the imposing sextets and fiery quintets.

A unique opportunity to experience an intimate portrait of a powerful composer.

Programme: Saturday 18/12/2021

Concert 1 (8pm) 90′

Brahms Piano Quartet No 3 Opus 60 C Minor (Jolente De Maeyer, Lilli Maijala, Johan Van Iersel, Nikolaas Kende)

Sieben Lieder’ opus 62 (Waelrant Camerata led by Marleen De Boo)

Sextet nr 2 opus 36 Sol major (Taurus Quartet, Lilli Maijala, Johan Van Iersel)

Programme: Sunday 19/12/2021

Concert 2 (at 11 am) 65′

Quartet No 3 Opus 67 Sib Major (Taurus Quartet)

Quintet nr 1 opus 88 Fa major (Taurus Quartet, Lilli Maijala)

Concert 3 (at 3 pm) 90′

Quartet nr 1 opus 51 Do minor Taurus Quartet

Quintet nr2 opus 111 Sol major Taurus Quartet, Lilli Maijala

Quartet nr 2 opus 51 la minor Taurus Quartet

Concert 4 (8pm)

Sextet nr 1 opus 18 Sib major (Taurus Quartet, Lilli Maijala,Johan Iersel)

4 quartets opus 92 (Waelrant Camerata conducted by Marleen De Boo, Taurus Quartet)

Piano Quintet Opus 34 fa minor (Taurus Quartet, Nikolaas Kende)


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