Modern and Contemporary Art Auction 23/10/18 - 24/10/17

Auction of modern and contemporary art, and design.

auction: 23-24 October
exhibition: 13-21/10/2018 10 am – 6 pm

Catalogue 23/10 (Drouot)Catalogue 24/10 (Drouot)

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Purchase orders at the latest 24h before the auction, by mail, fax or online catalogue. A request for a telephone bid (for lots higher than 1250 euro) by mail or fax, with copy of identity card and bank details. Auction fee: 22% + resale right if applicable. Catalogue online from 1 October.

We have high expectations for the paintings by Walasse Ting and Zao Wou-Ki, artists that are very much sought after on the art market. For the Walasse Ting, an oil on canvas titled ‘Very hot day’, a result 30.000-40.000 € is expected. A magnificent, colourful aquarel by Zao Wou-Ki is estimated conservatively 40.000-60.000 €. Also to look forward to are two Belgian paintings of museum quality, coming from the collection of a Flemish art critic active in the first half of the 20th century. A fantastic work by Edgard Tytgat, titled ‘Ga niet in het bos, Celina’ (Don’t go in the woods Celina), is estimated 60.000-90.000 €; an impressive oil on canvas ‘Flemish fisher’ by Contant Permeke 40.000-60.000 €. The latter was part of the Retrospective at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp in 1959. From the same important collection comes an etching with aquarel by James Ensor. We conclude this selection of museum quality works with a work by the Belgian master René Magritte. This drawing in charcoal and pastel is mentioned in the catalogue raisonné under number 18.1. The drawing titled ‘Death and the siren’ was made by Magritte for a competition for a government campaign against venereal disease.

A large bronze ‘The nymph’ by Rik Wouters also matches with this price category, next to a canvas by Moïse Kisling (60.000-70.000 €). A good result is also expected for the contemporary Chinese artist Yang Shaobin (estimated 10.000-15.000 €) and for a work by Cuban artist Wifredo Lam (8.000-12.000 €). Other works in this category are by Karel Appel (25.000-35.000 €), Leon Spilliaert and Constant Permeke.

For collectors of Belgian art a wide range of works is present. Apart from the Belgian modernists already named, there are works by (‘Lady with cat’, 8.000-10.000 €), Floris Jespers,Vic Gentils and Georges Grard. Postwar artists present are Antoine Mortier, Paul Van Hoeydonck, Bram Bogart, Serge Vandercam, Guy Vandenbranden, Maurice Wyckaert, E.L.T. Mesens, Marcel Mariën, Roland Topor, Kurt Lewy, Felix Labisse, Reinhoud and Rik Poot. For a large abstract work by Louis Van Lint uit 1963, titled ‘Etrange aube’, a result between 25.000-35.000 € is expected. An important bronze from the ’50s by Olivier Strebelle is estimated 8000-12.000 €.

Contemporary artworks by Reinier Lucassen, Panamarenko, Sam Dillemans, Hugo Duchateau, Fred Bervoets and Hans Vandekerckhove are offered in this auction. Eye-catching are three Original Cloaca studies by Wim Delvoye (4000-6000 € each). In the selection international postwar artists is a canvas by Bernard Schultze (6000-9000 €) and a series of works by José de Guimaraes, next to works by Mario Schifano and Burhan Dogançay.

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Zao Wou-Ki


Walasse Ting

Very hot day, oil on canvas, 1986


Thermo photovoltaic energy convertor

Antoine Mortier

Composition, 1962

Roland Topor

'Le nid'

Paul Van Hoeydonck

Space ballerina, 1966

Jozef Mees

Composition, 1960