Paul Van Hoeydonck (°1925)

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Paul Van Hoeydonck 

a Lifetime of art


Campo & Campo


20.8.2021 – 08.10.2021


Campo & Campo is honoured to organise a retrospective exhibition of the Belgian artist Paul Van Hoeydonck (°1925) from August to October 2021. Van Hoeydonck celebrated his 95th birthday in October. On 2 August 2021 he also celebrated another special birthday. Exactly 50 years ago his artwork ‘Fallen astronaut’ was placed on the moon by the astronauts of Apollo XV. Paul Van Hoeydonck is the creator of the first and only artwork on the moon.

The exhibition shows ‘A life time of work’ from early works from the 1950’s to recent work of today.

You can consult the catalogue here 

The exhibition was made possible by: