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Virtual tour Panamarenko Tribute with Eveline Hoorens HUMO

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From celebration to homage exhibition, it was a turn of events that we did not expect. Sorry for the loss but all the more enthusiastic to turn the exhibition into a beautiful tribute.

From January 24 till March 22, 2020


Campo & Campo, Antwerp

From floating constructions and flying backpacks to pedal-powered helicopters, zeppelins, airplanes, junebugs, submarines, and chickens wandering around. To describe Panamarenko, or Henri Van Herwegen with the single term ‘artist’, detracts from his abilities. He should be called an inventor as well, an engineer, a technician, a mathematician, a philosopher and a visionary. His body of works is so unique and innovative, that it is impossible to frame it within a certain style or movement. His miraculous world is centered between pure science, technical genius and childish enthusiasm. Panamarenko would have celebrated his 80th anniversary next year. So 2020 will be a tribute year.