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A remarkable history from 1897 - 2022

A remarkable history

In 1897 Guillaume Campo started a small art shop at his home. The gallery had to reinvent itself several times, surviving two world wars and living on after the financial crisis of 1929.

The second generation ran its galleries at Meir where it encountered a new milestone in 1960. Run by Freddy and Frans Campo, the gallery’s turnover kept moving upwards, followed by an ever increasing number of clients. At a ten days presale exhibition about 20.000 visitors attended the viewing.


In 1992 Guy Campo, an active member of the gallery since 1984, took over the family firm. The gallery moved to a superb art-deco building at Grote Steenweg, built in 1929. The former cinema theatre was completely restored and refurbished as to its present looks, an impressive 1700 m² gallery space.

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