Opening September 8th at 7pm

first chance to discover our two expositions ‘Campo 125′ & ‘Women with attitude.’
(no sales before opening)



Campo 125

We celebrate the 125th anniversary of the oldest auction house/gallery in Belgium with a grand exhibition in which a wide swath works by renowned, mostly Belgian artists will be shown. Based on the exhibited pieces, we tell the history of three generations of Campo. Exactly 50 years ago, a view of Amsterdam was shown at Campo Meir, and can be seen again today. The Prosper De Troyer retrospective from 1966 is brought back in the painting ‘La Toilette animée’ from 1920. A series of works by Floris Jespers harkens back to the grand retrospectives in 1966 and 1985.

We also celebrate the 30th anniversary of the building on the Grotesteenweg. The old cinema, later night club, Berchem Palace was transformed into over 2000m² gallery space. With a number of works by Louis Van Lint and Gaston Bertrand we refer to the series of exhibitions celeberating La jeune peinture belge. All of this alongside a number of works by, among others, Panamarenko, Paul Van Hoeydonck, Pierre Alechinsky, Arman, Jean Brusselmans, Emile Claus, Felix De Boeck, Jo Delahaut, James Ensor, Paul Joostens, Joseph Lacasse, Antoine Mortier, Luc Peire, Constant Permeke, Jean Rets, Henry Van de Velde, Edmond Van Dooren, Eugeen Van Mieghem, Theo Van Rysselberghe, Maurice Wyckaert.


Women with Attitude

There have always been female artists, but unfortunately few are known to us ,  it is their story through the ages that we want to tell with this exhibition. ‘Through the ages’ can also be taken literally – we show works by women that date from the 16th century to 1970. As a starting point we are very pleased with the loan of a 16th century painting by Catharina van Hemessen, the painter of the oldest preserved self-portrait of a woman from the Netherlands. For the 19th century we have tried to ignore the dilettantes and we show, for example, a still life with a marble bust by Virginie de Sartorius. There is also work by Jane Graverol, Alexandra Exter, Berthe Dubail, Odette Colon and Marthe Donas, just to name a few.